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How much does it cost?

Det koster 15 NOK for åpning av sparkesykkelen og 4 NOK pr kjørte minutt.

100 NOK was withdrawn from my card when starting ride. What is wrong?

At ride start, our payment solution holds NOK 100 from your card, this is a measure to prevent fraud by fake cards or cards without funds. When ending ride, the unused amount will automatically be refunded. In some cases this refund process may take up to 3 days. If you still have any issues, contact us via a ticket in-app or on

I paid too much for the ride?

If you happen to ride for more than your wallet balance, your registered credit card will automatically be withdrawn the rest of the ride cost. If you still have any issues, contact us via a ticket in the app, or send us a mail at

How do I start?

Download the FLYT-app from App-store or Google Play. Input your personal information and payment details in the app. Scan the QR-code on the scooter with the app. Kickstart your scooter 2-4 times to get it up to speed and press the right throttle. The engine is now activated, and you can accelerate and control the speed. Speed mode can be with the center button.

How do I stop?

Keep your feet on the footboard and both hands on the steering wheel when scooting. Pay attention to your surroundings and obey traffic-laws. For brake, use the brake-handle on the left side of the handle bar.

Where do I end my ride?

When you’re at your destination. Then tap “End ride” in the app. Be sure to be in the parking zone, or else you will not be able to end your ride. Make sure you park the scooter so it is reachable to others. Do not block public paths, cars, driveways and building entrances. Use bike racks when available.

Are there any requirements for using the FLYT kick scooter?

We endorse wearing a helmet, tough it’s not required by Norwegian law. The Norwegian organization Trygg Trafikk recommends a minimum age of 12 years old for riding an electric kick scooter.

Do I need insurance when riding?

From 1 September 2022, our electric scooters are insured with third-party liability insurance that applies in accordance with the provisions of the Motor Liability Act. We still recommend that you also have your own insurance when you use the scooters - in case the incident is not covered by our insurance. In the event of an accident or damage that occurs during your rental period, contact us immediately at

Can I park the scooter indoor?

No. Any extra time our workers use for finding the scooters will be billed to you if you do so.

How do you handle my personal information?

We follow GDPR-directive. Your information will not be shared or sold to outsiders. Payment credentials is handled by our payment provider Stripe ( which is one of the most secure providers there is.

I cant't start the ride.

Is the scooter unlocked? Is there battery on the scooter? Remember to kickstart the scooter by kicking 2-3 times so the motor activates. If the scooter is unlocked and still have battery, please send us an email to with the scooter ID code.

I damaged the scooter or I will report a damaged scooter.

Unforeseen injuries and accidents happen. Contact us immediately at with a description of the damage. If there is injury on person, the Police must be notified on tel. 112. med beskrivelse av skaden. Dersom det foreligger personskade, skal Politiet varsles på tlf 112.

I can’t find the scooter that’s showing up on the map.

The inaccuracy of the GPS could sometimes vary +/- 70 meters from the location on the map. So it might be right around the corner.

The kick-scooter is slow.

Maybe the battery is low? The speed will automatically be reduced if the battery is low. FLYT Solutions AS may also reduce the speed in specific zones due to gatherings, concerts, walking areas or local authorities’ demands. The kick scooter does handle uphills, but speed may slow down if it is steep and with high weight load. You must expect to use your feet and kick to get up. It is, after all, a kick scooter.

Where can I drive?

You can ride the scooter where you want. But remember, you can’t end the ride outside the operating area.

How do I change the payment credentials?

You can change the payment details in the settings in the app.

What if you can not end the ride because your phone went dead, and the scooter will continue to ride?

You can contact us at and we will remotely stop the scooter, and refund you the extra cost. Do not try to do “smart” things.