Ride-sharing scooters


FLYT gives you shared electric scooters for the big adventures or for the last few hundred meters. Get the app, find a FLYT and start exploring.

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Beautiful. Robust. Made for sharing.

Beautiful design

In colors from Kristiansund City's Official Colour palette.


With rechargable, swappable battery.

Robust construction

With wide footstand for excellent stability. And waterproof, graded IP 56.

Efficient brakes

Rear drum brakes


How much does it cost?

Det koster 15 NOK for åpning av sparkesykkelen og 4 NOK pr kjørte minutt.

100 NOK was withdrawn from my card when starting ride. What is wrong?

At ride start, our payment solution holds NOK 100 from your card, this is a measure to prevent fraud by fake cards or cards without funds. When ending ride, the unused amount will automatically be refunded. In some cases this refund process may take up to 3 days. If you still have any issues, contact us via a ticket in-app or on support@flyt.bike

I paid too much for the ride?

If you happen to ride for more than your wallet balance, your registered credit card will automatically be withdrawn the rest of the ride cost. If you still have any issues, contact us via a ticket in the app, or send us a mail at support@flyt.bike

Where do I end my ride?

When you’re at your destination. Then tap “End ride” in the app. Be sure to be in the parking zone, or else you will not be able to end your ride. Make sure you park the scooter so it is reachable to others. Do not block public paths, cars, driveways and building entrances. Use bike racks when available.

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